Wednesday, September 10, 2008


hi all, well after some thought i decided to re-design. I can say that the current design can lead to a working model. I felt however that the design must be so the kit goes together with ease. i found with the current design it was an effort to build requiring the redoing of solder joints etc.
i figure that as soon as i get one design right i will be able to transfer to simular loco's.
So you can see i have added two internal frames and more rigid cross members, these fit into recesses i cut into the outside frames. the frame will be soldered in once piece. Most importantly the axles are now removable, the bearing surface for the axles are only the top half of the journals alowing them to be removed from underneath. A cover keeps them in place. I figure that the wieght of the loco will keep them in place. This i hope will enable a more accurate assembly of the axles and the valve gear.

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