Thursday, October 3, 2013

i took a picture of the lathe tool i used to cut the wheels, the tool has two tip cut on it, the tip on the left can cut the front profile of the wheel, the grooving tool can be used to cut the inner axle and part it off,
the two points are 10 mm apart in x-y so that the digital read-outs don't have to be reset.
the tool was cut on a wire cutter adding the correct clearence on the lathe tool.

3rd picture is the frames with the ABS spaces added

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

just the cad render showing the support for the worm shaft.

parts here were cut using a wire cutter edm machine, 
the advantage of these machines is that the wire is quite fine, allowing very fine corners.
shown are the cylinder with valve chest, as well as the slide rod supports

gears were cut from mod 64 gears stock, this is available from small parts and bearings.

hello all,
a long time i know, anyhow i have started to remake the new design,
i have a number of parts i have been making in the next few post.
first picture is the wheels, i turned these in one operation, i made a tool on a wire cutter edm,
it had two points so i could cut the front and back in one set up.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

hi all, i have been doing some drawings lately. I have found some better motors and gears. This will improve running.
there both 12v and allow room for a flywheel. The garratt drawing is new, it is based on the NA mech parameters. As there is starting to be more wheels here i am tempted to get them made outside by an engineering firm. The garrets drawing is not finished, but most of the overall structure is done.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

hi all, more pics. this is the first coat of paint. is just so i can put the glazing in and glue on the roof.