Tuesday, December 9, 2008


hi all, a few more recent pics. the white parts are cnc machined styrene. the 3rd pic i hadn't trimed the windows.


Hince, G said...

Someone on the Aus NG Yahoo forum pointed out your blog. What a wonderful project! Having seen what Roger Hord (Nn3 geared locos) has achieved, as a 1:48 modeller I'm in awe of the potential in N scale.
Your use of CAD design and CNC fabrication is very intriguing - this technology is now coming within reach and has astonishing potential. As a magazine publisher (NGDU) I'm also always on the lookout for "something different" - would we possibly be able to tempt you to share some of the project with our readers here? I'm also in Melbourne, so we can certainly assist with drafting, photos or whatever aid might help to keep the project tracking!

Great work - Gavin Hince, hincegl@optusnet.com.au

Nick said...

This is a brilliant project. Do you mind me linkg from my website?


If you were to make an HOn2 1/2 model, I'd be buying one in a second!

Keep up the good work.

elmhurst_motor said...

no nick, i do not mind