Saturday, October 16, 2010

hi all, i have been doing some drawings lately. I have found some better motors and gears. This will improve running.
there both 12v and allow room for a flywheel. The garratt drawing is new, it is based on the NA mech parameters. As there is starting to be more wheels here i am tempted to get them made outside by an engineering firm. The garrets drawing is not finished, but most of the overall structure is done.


Julie said...

hi brad :)

keknor said...

I have followed your locomotive projects in N scale NG. with great interest and admiration. Very inspiring for my own project Rena 1900. I have a small norwegian tank engine on planning. You mention maybe you will get the wheels made outside by an engineering firm. I am thinking of the same. I need wheels with 11 spoke 7mm 2MMSA standards. Any Suggestions for a qualified firm that can make such wheels?

Keep on,