Thursday, October 3, 2013

i took a picture of the lathe tool i used to cut the wheels, the tool has two tip cut on it, the tip on the left can cut the front profile of the wheel, the grooving tool can be used to cut the inner axle and part it off,
the two points are 10 mm apart in x-y so that the digital read-outs don't have to be reset.
the tool was cut on a wire cutter adding the correct clearence on the lathe tool.

3rd picture is the frames with the ABS spaces added


Luke said...

G'day How did you go about getting the lathe tool cut. I'm looking at turning my own wheels in N scale. Thanks Luke free feel to email me on

Julias Modelopolis said...


That makes two people then as I would love to have a tool to do the same in 2mm Scale and Z Scale. Would you consider producing some for some commisions?